The Greatest Man Day of the Year

It’s my Pop’s birthday

Happy Birthday Dad!


Technically his Birthday was marked for tomorrow on his passport (not correct), but it was written in every U.S. papers as today. Very random!

Celebrate the birthdays and days with your Dads.
It is very much worth it🙂

We’re definitely going to eat some noms. MMM!

Random events!
–President Lincoln assigns last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.
1922 – Washington, DC receives first fax by telephone.
1945 – The first appearance of a 10 year old named Elvis Presley.
1995: O.J. Simpson is acquitted / 2008: O.J. Simpson is convicted
1987 – #1 hit U.S. song: Didn’t We Almost Have It All by Whitney Houston (haha)

2004 – National Mean Girls Day!

Bleed. Break. Repeat.

Every two weeks, I go to the Infusion Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, where I then begin to bleed 

Tiny little cut.

– 60 mins to the hospital via line
– 10 min blood in my arm giving more blood
– 10 mins giving urine
– 20 min actually getting neurology stuff
– 20 mins scheduling my next time of just getting an appt
– 20-40 min stabbing my skin with a blade so BLOOD can pour out via PORT-A-CATH … (see video below) 
– 60 mins actually going back home. *SIGH*

Which means, that’s ehh, I denno … 3 hours or more to make sure my upper body near my heart feels like I bleed to death.

I don’t bleed to death, but I do have to bleed a tiny bit every time they poke my skin for the PORT-A-CATH. By the way, this is every other week I go to the hospital. It looks like the photo above or like this video (I have a brain tumor btw):

My dad wants me to post an actual video, but I was so hungry last time, that I completely asked the nice lady for food and ice cream, which she gives you – FOR FREE. Mmm! So, no video.

However, I am home in San Diego from Boston for awhile! My parents finally get to see the interesting thing sticking in my body.

Busta Rhymes Island + More!

On one day, Saturday the 17th of September we decided (randomly) to go to Busta Rhymes Island. Mine you, from our place to theirs it takes about an 2 h 8 mins + food time, which obviously took a bit longer…


… however, we got there! And yes, The Boston Globe confirmed that, yes, Busta Rhymes Island Is For Real – ishhh. You can read about it more here, here, and here.

20160917_145244In reality, it took forever just to get to Busta Rhymes Island (in which we were listening to his music), but you see nothing in reality of him. If you actually knew zero of him, it was a nice long drive that to just lay down and chill in someone’s backyard.


20160917_150117 20160917_145518_hdr

After a very long (about an 1 hr 34 min drive) from where I was to get to Busta Rhymes, we decided to check out some ice cream! Very random.

But before then, we did hit up this unexpected time to visit Old Stone Church built in 1891 on the way over. The place was nicely constructed, btw, and it was really cool on the inside! It’s crazy- because they’re building another building on the other side. Ah well.

20160917_15463820160917_15392120160917_15413120160917_15362420160917_153516 20160917_153858_hdr 20160917_153409

Now off to see the ice cream at Rota Spring Farm! We also said hello to the goat and of course bought some really well priced organic beef tongue (3 ways for beef recipe here) and liver (best recipe w/ onions)! Mmm!

20160917_162018 20160917_16162220160917_160916