My Brain and I … again.

Dear Dino,

It’s Monday, and that means another blast to the head.
The first few weeks before my cut.

download_20160705_100148 20160722_174740_HDR

The first few weeks after my cut.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.40.23 PM 20160815_093538

I really want to say it was just another day, but alas, the cancer has come by.
Yes, the cancer in my brain is still here. It has been almost 10 years! Sigh!
But, yes I am still here damnit- and still is my brain.

Surprisingly enough, despite the 10 years it is still working (relatively) fine. I mean, I can count numbers, so that’s pretty good. Really- that’s freakin’ great!! HAH.

Okay, any way.

I’m gonna take a nice break in the next few-ish days and also keep my mind in sane. I’ll keep you updated.



Tableau; noun. A group of motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history; a “tableau vivant” or “living picture.”

rxnn_tableau01 rxnn_tableau02

What are we doing?
Convey the concept on your slip by creating a frozen scene (tableau) that can help the class guess it. Basically, get in a super-dramatic pose and stand very, very still while everyone shouts out guesses.

Why are we doing it?
So your monster projects can be as expressive and dramatic as possible. We’re all posing today to get used to being goofy in front of each other, and to practice creating a narrative through facial expressions and poses.

Are we being graded on this?
This is part of your participation grade. If you participate, you get points. If you sit there and let your group do all the work, you don’t. 


12 hour EKG – my vampire blood test.

Last week, I had a 12-hour blood sample (vampire blood) + EKG test. The EKG or electrocardiogram test is an electrical activity test that checks your heart if there are any problems and shows the waves on a piece of paper (for example: if I were to take the clinical trial medication, would I vomit, etc.).

I had to arrive at MGH at 7:30a (leaving at 6:15a) and stay there till 7:30p. *sigh*

20160615_094632_HDR 20160615_092936_Dual

I had to have these wires stuck onto my body 10x. 4 at the top, where you can see, the other 4 where my stomach is, and 2 at my legs. The EKG machine is on the right and does a quick read of 2ish minutes about 5x a day. My bloooood had to be taken by the vampires about 12x. I started calling them vampires at least 1/4 of my day, for which they said “You legally signed your blood to us,” and to which I said “.. you are correct…”

“I want to take your blood…” said the guy taking my blood every hour … but way cooler.

20160615_074258_HDRI went outside in the garden for a bit, and walked around the hospital, which is surprisingly nice. If this were a Yelp, I’d give MGH a 4.5 out of 5! They are on top of their game, and have very intense, helpful and knowledgeable round of staff. I had a lovely lady stay with me until closing time from morning, and she has been on my case since the beginning of when this new chemo (technically a clinical trial) has started. She even gave me a nice tour of the hospital, talked about the love/hate relationship in being a researcher vs. wanting to be a surgeon, and the all reality about watching Scrubs.

Until next week 8-hr EKG & blood vampire.